LEG - Language Experts Group
LEG - Language Experts Group

About us

Founded in 2005, Language Experts Group provides high quality translation services for the global market. We offer services in all areas of multi-lingual document management from our head office in Budapest. We also have a branch office in Tokyo in order to be able to provide full-time and immediate communication for our Japanese customers and partners.

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Our mission

We work for a future where knowledge is not restrained by language differences.

We believe we can make this possible by:

Keeping our eyes open: we strive to be among the firsts to test and implement the latest solutions in translation technology.

Working together: we strongly believe in co-operation between human creativity and machine intelligence. Also, we always think in long-term relationships when it comes to working with our highly trained translation specialists.

Adapting to you: our team knows from experience that there are so many different challenges and needs for as many translation projects, but constant dialogue and proactive cooperation always help in finding a balance between consistent quality and tight deadlines.

Being ourselves: we take pride in being an open, direct and reliable team. Maintaining this positive atmosphere will always be our priority.

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