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We have exactly what you need! We’ll design the workflows adapted and tailored to your specific needs.

Language Experts have developed a unique working model. Our goal was to create a transparent and easy workflow for our clients. Our model is perfect for your organization:

  • You will save time, energy and money – simply because you get to make optimum use of your resources.
  • Your work will be completed effectively, quickly and precisely: our highly trained staff will guarantee the best quality in the market.
  • The number of errors, misleading inferences, and misunderstandings will hit an all-time low – and stay there.


150 million words translated. 1 000 translators. 100 language combinations. 10 years of experience. One company.

Language Experts, a top-of-the line company, was established nearly ten years ago for one purpose only: to provide a simple solution to the persistent problem of multinational manufacturers.

Language Experts provide a quality service in all areas of multilingual document management – applying cutting edge IT solutions and the latest results in translation science.


Documentation management in two or more languages? Language Experts have the solution!

Language Experts have proven their expertise for many major multinational clients. Language Experts are a good partner if your goal is long term cooperation:

  • High quality translations at all times.
  • Complex one-package solutions: from copy writing and translations to printing and packaging.
  • Fair, transparent and calculable pricing.
  • Flexibility anytime and on any subject: we will adjust to your workflow, not the other way around!


Quality, consistency, reliability, effectiveness

  • Only selected and tested experts deal with your texts
  • Our in-house terminologists and language technology experts will examine every detail of your projects
  • You will never have to correct your documents after we finished with them
  • You will receive transparent and calculable prices for your projects to assist your financial staff in their long term planning


A key to consistent and precise translation

  • We provide you with terminology lists (lexicons) free of charge
  • LEG terminologists are looking forward to consult you – we are glad to talk with your technical staff!
  • The latest technology assists us to provide you with effective project delivery
  • We will identify your company-specific terminology – and apply it all across your documentation


Cutting edge translation support, quality assurance and machine translation modules

  • Higher quality
  • Consistent terminology use and style across your documentation
  • Favorable pricing
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Handling all file formats