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LEG Mission

150 million words translated. 1 000 translators. 100 language combinations. 10 years of experience. One company.

Language Experts, a top-of-the line company, was established nearly ten years ago for one purpose only: to provide a simple solution to the persistent problem of multinational manufacturers. Language Experts provide a quality service in all areas of multilingual document management – applying cutting edge IT solutions and the latest results in translation science.

A lot has changed since Language Experts first appeared on the market for we have been exceedingly persistent in our growth and evolution. There is one thing however, that has not changed – we still select our colleagues and vendors from the very best.

We believe it is this attention to quality and detail that helped us to break into the Japanese market – a market that is famous for its high demands. The fact is that we owe our continuing business success to our insistence on quality. Our partners and projects have increased dynamically and consistently in the ten years since Language Experts first broke ground. Our numbers have grown and despite the economic downturn, we have been able to maintain our pool of professionals and have continued providing our usual, reliable services to an ever increasing number of clients.