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A selection of worldwide events that await you on International Translation Day 2017

Németh Nikolett
September 21, 2017

International Translation Day was first established by the International Federation of Translators. The date, September 30th was chosen, because it is also the feast day of St. Jerome, patron saint of translators, who was the first person to translate the Bible into Latin.
ITD is also a celebration. The celebration of every professional who help making the world a smaller place. One form of this celebration would be joining a translation-related event held near your residence or even online.

ITD2017 is just around the corner. Here is a list of exciting events that you can attend this Saturday.

1. Proz.com's 2-day online celebration

Join ProZ.com/TV to Celebrate 2017 International Translation Day with TWO full days of online sessions, panel discussions, focus groups, chat, live Q&A and more September 26th-27th, 2017.

Tuesday September 26th 2017 program highlights include:

Panel - The Pros and Cons of working with Direct Clients and Agencies
The art of the business lunch: How to handle yourself and grow your T&I business
Show Me Your Portfolio and I'll Tell You Who You Are
What would I do differently if starting over
Creative Copy Breakdown, Creative Review and QC
The Achilles' heel of translators - Debunking myths

Wednesday September 27th 2017 program highlights include:

The Freelance Translator's Forum: An Interactive Q&A Session
Is Twitter stupid?
How to get clients when starting out as a freelance translator
Panel - What's my unique selling point
Tips and Tricks for Remote Interpreters
Specialising for Success!
How to Create Multiple Streams of Income as a Linguist

Spread the word! By bringing in more people, the experienced is enriched for all!


2.  An event in London: conference at the British Library

In association with Free Word, English Pen and the ITD partners.


Name: International Translation Day 2017

Where: Knowledge Centre

The British Library
96 Euston Road

When: Mon 2 Oct 2017, 09:00 - 17:00

See the program here

3. If you live in Hungary: Őszi fordítói konferencia a BME Tolmács- és Fordítóképző Központ rendezésében

A BME Tolmács- és Fordítóképző Központja idén 2017. szeptember 29-30-án rendezi meg őszi konferenciáját, amely a fordítás értékelésének kérdését állítja a középpontba. A konferencia ebben az évben az Európai Bizottság Fordítási Főigazgatósága, az OFFI valamint a Kilgray együttműködésével valósul meg, így az oktatókat érintő témákon kívül az Európai Unió fordítószolgálatainak munkája során felmerülő kérdésekről, a magyar fordítópiaci trendekről és a fordítók számára elérhető technológiai újdonságokról is tájékozódhatnak az érdeklődők.

További információ

 4. WPTranslationDay 3

WPTranslationDay 3 is a 24-hour global event dedicated to the translation of the WordPress ecosystem (core, themes, plugins).

It's a unique and innovative event, a cool mix of digital and physical: the international community of the WP Polyglots will meet at the same time locally and digitally for a 24-hour translating marathon that will provide inspiration and training to both coders and translators on localizing and internationalizing through live talks and local meetups.

Read more

 However you decide to celebrate, be sure to have fun and use #ITD2017