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Introducing our new team members

Németh Nikolett
February 27, 2018

We are excited to introduce the newest members to our team. They have joined us a few months ago, and by now they have become an integral part of Language Experts Group. We feel very lucky to be working with these four experts as they bring their interestingly varied experiences and talents to our group. Please join me in welcoming the girls: Récsi, Kinga, Niki and Yoko!



nemeth rahel


Récsi holds a Master’s Degree in Translation and interpreting. She enjoys working

with foreign languages, this is how she came to join our team as a Junior Project

Manager. She handles various tasks and over the past few months she already had

opportunity to get an insight into the full range of project coordination tasks. She

says that the opportunity for constant learning and the friendly atomsphere mean

that she eagerly comes to the office every day. She also enjoys singing in a choir

and acting in her free time











petre kinga


Kinga was born with an interest in various languages coded into her. This interest

followed her along school studies and the road took her straight to the linguistic

faculty. There she had the opportunity to familiarise herself with numerous

languages and also to win a scholarship in Japan. She has already tried out

several areas of the translation industry, starting as a translator/interpreter, then

worked in localisation sales, now she joined Language Experts Group as a Project

Manager. As a linguist, this industry is the closest to where her interests lie, and

this is where she can make the most of her language skills. She also has a keen

interest in IT, which can be satisfied by learning how to use CAT tools.

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bordas nikolett


During her IT studies Niki realised that graphics are much closer to her, so she also

enrolled in a graphics course. She gained most of her knowledge by self-teaching

and she’s kept studying until now. She enjoys learning new methods and teaching

them to other people. Her work is also her hobby and she finds all areas of

graphics exciting; altought desktop publishing requires less creativity, she always

tries to be precise and to create a nice overall look, so that others can find the

works she produces to be enjoyable. She is now a new member of our DTP team!

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Yoko Minai

Having lived and worked in the Netherlands over 20 years, Yoko has engaged in

different industries (automobiles, medical devices, translation and localization) in

various positions such as accounting, human resource, quality control and

regulatories, account executive, and project management. In 2011, with these vast

work experiences and a good command of languages (Japanese, English and

Dutch), she established her own company to provide

administrative support to Japanese companies located in the Netherlands. In 2017

Yoko decided to return to Japan and joined LEG Japan in September. In January

2018 she assumed the position of Representative.







These were the new team members. If you would like to know more about the whole team, feel free to check out the page dedicated to our colleagues. 

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