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A dream has come true in the beginning of this year; we opened our branch office in Tokyo.

We are proud founders of tekom Magyarország

Németh Nikolett
April 5, 2016

The  Association for Technical Communication (tekom) is the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. We are proudly taking share in the founding of tekom Magyarország which is now approved by the Executive Board of tekom.

Language Experts Group Q&A

March 24, 2016

If you are interested in ordering a translation project you surely have a number of questions about the services we offer. We would like to help you with answering a few frequently asked questions we get.

Terminology Thursday #3

February 11, 2016

The Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary held its third Terminology Thursday event on February 4, 2016. It opened to a great deal of interest on the part of Master’s Program professors, students, and Bachelor’s Program students hoping to enter the Master’s Program and study terminology at greater length. The event consisted of two parts and involved a series of presentations followed by a roundtable discussion. Terminology instructors and graduates of the course combined to hold the presentations.

Since computer-assisted translation methods are important to our work we’d like to learn as much about them as possible. In fact, we have tested and taken advantage of the technical possibilities offered by machine translation in some of our projects. We know that we are not the only translation bureau interested in the topic, so we have decided that sharing information and experience is a good idea. In that spirit we launched a series of language technology events, and the first of these was an invitation to specialists from other translation bureaus to come and join us for an open discussion party.

In focus: Machine translation in practice

Our party spotlighted the following topics:

  • The Globalese Machine Translation System, which Gábor Bessenyei introduced us to
  • How Language Experts Group uses machine translation in practice, demonstrated by Senior Project Manager Krisztián Sinkó
  • CAT or MT? Which to use when, and how to combine them
  • Accounting techniques
  • Scouting out what the future has to offer

We were truly happy that so many participants accepted our invitation. We spent an enjoyable and productive afternoon together and I think we all learned something. We are definitely planning encore events!