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New colleagues on board!

October 29, 2015

We are pleased to announce that recently we had some great new colleagues joining us! Please read their own introductions to learn where they come from and what they do at Language Experts Group.

Boglárka Tímea Tési - Head of Business Development

07 2Attention. Honesty. Openness. - Values that are particularly important to me and I can rely on as a professional. 

My task is to ensure that we meet requirements above the expectations. That is the reason why having a deep understanding of our partners, their duties, specific needs is the most important thing to me, in order to provide our own processes and optimal solutions in a way which suits them.  All this is joy. Because the knowledge, attitude, and experience that characterize the company make me proud. And because it is always exciting to map a new partner, a company, an area. For that, in my opinion, a few things are essential: Attention. Honesty. Openness.




Zsuzsanna Juhászné Hahn - Vendor Manager



I graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University with a degree in Bohemian and German studies. Afterwards I spent a few years living in Prague. I started working for the LEG team in 2009 as a project manager, where I’ve been able to put my love of languages to good use. I had worked for translation agencies before, but once I got into the office itself I also learned a great deal about translation software and how to run professional translation projects. I also got to test my skills as a manager of special projects. Then I took a four-year break focusing on motherhood and my two wonderful children. I rejoined the team in 2015 and was astounded at the upgrades that were so huge I had to relearn the business. But my biggest personal change was my own upgrade from project manager to Vendor Manager, which I consider a key position. I have been doing whatever it takes to sustain our great relationship with our freelance translators and editors, while carefully expanding the range of people working for us to include experts in new specialized fields and new language combinations while sustaining our exacting professional standards. I spend most of my free time with my family but when I have the chance I focus on my not-so-secret passion – literary translation. I translate Czech prose, preferably the work of contemporary authors, into Hungarian.



Ádám Szinger - Junior Project Manager


 I got my first taste of the translation world as a German major at Károli Gáspár Calvinist University and decided to focus my professional life around it. My next move was to take all the undergraduate and graduate professional and literary translation courses offered by the university. Then, thanks to LEG’s internship program, the road from school led straight to the LEG office where the workplace attitude, collegiality, and environment instantly made me feel that I’d made the right career choice. This job was exactly what I had hoped it would be – a place where I could get my career off the ground in a nurturing environment! As a junior project manager I learned how to work with customers and organize the workload and how to manage translation software. Thanks to these new skills I love the day-to-day aspects of the job and can handle the workload in a truly professional manner. I love to read – primarily studies in philosophy and the humanities – and listen to music in my free time.




Orsolya Péter - Assistant


My job keeps me in the back office, but my enthusiasm is definitely front office class. I thrive on positive thinking and high energy. To me a positive workplace atmosphere is vital and a few months on the job have shown me that working for LEG was an excellent choice. My education is in social policy and hairdressing – two vastly different fields that reflect my love of learning new and different things, and facing new challenges. I’m currently studying to be a fashion designer and I’m able to use my creativity and spirit of adventure in my working environment. I do my work, primarily administrative tasks, precisely, quickly, and inventively. 






To learn more about our staff please go to the Colleagues page and feel free to contact us with any questions you have.


Introducing Plunet

September 2, 2015

We are pleased to announce that after several months of testing we are about to introduce a new, professional project management system in our office. Plunet BusinessManager offers a great variety of functions and flexibly adapts to individual translation management workflows, guaranteeing optimized translation process automation and flexibility for professional users.

This is how Plunet looks like from the outside:

login window

Plunet is not making only our lives easier, it does for our clients too. It allows our customers to send in requests for quotes, issue orders, track projects and safely upload and download project files. 

The Dashboard is the heart of Plunet, it provides an overview of all key information: translation requests, quotes and orders, deadlines and invoices.

customer dashboard


When a request is uploaded in Plunet our project managers will be automatically notified both via e-mail and the dashboard, this way we can get the new projects going as fast as possible.

request confirmation

Language Experts introduce Plunet in it’s project management workflow from the beginning of September and will start sending out login credentials to it’s customers soon.

Plunet is great, we are loving it already. 

The point of attending translation business conferences

Alföldy-Boruss, Zsófia
April 8, 2015

As announced earlier, LEG was a supporting sponsor of one of the most important translation events of the year: GALA 2015, Seville.

„It is unusual to have so many C level and director level attendees. This was the best industry conference that I have been to since entering the industry 8 years ago.”

This is how participants think. But what attracts CEOs and company leaders to visit a conference? Spreading information, knowledge, future trends? Good companies? Visibility?

Well, yes. All these. But what is even more important: confirmation.

Confirmation of the way we do our business.

Keywords were integration, complex services, client-orientation, and technology. In addition there were also: quality, specialization AND „be a supermarket”.

How does it look like in our case? LEG offers services to all documentation related tasks. Not only translation. We reliably deliver ready to print pdf-s or even printed documentations, create packaging and take care of logistics. Complex enough.

Client orientation? 10 years of co-operation with one of the biggest Japanese automotive companies talks for itself. We care.

As for the technology we at LEG are proud to be a very well-trained team. We steadily look for new solutions, work with Trados Server solution, and co-operate with Globalese in machine translation. No peak is reached, because you can always learn more. But we go for it.

All in one attending the conference was a great pleasure. We really enjoyed talking with industry leaders and all the discussions with the participants were more than useful. We had a great time during the free time activities. 

And what is the most important: we are assured we are on the right way.

BBJ made an interview with Hungary’s top-15 earning translation agencies. You can learn about trends that impact translation firms as well as their customers. Among others Language Experts were involved in the interview. This is our contribution to it.

How is business this year compared to last year? Have you been seeing an increase in work?

Following the recession of the early 2010s the number of projects has begun to increase significantly, mostly in the past two years. This trend is also reflected in the continuous, significant growth in the yearly revenues of Language Experts. After the first two months of 2015, we were glad to conclude that the dynamics experienced in the previous couple of years have continued to develop. This favorable tendency can be attributed to our increased activities on our target markets.

Do you believe that the demand for translations from or to Hungarian is very dependent on the amount of business that is being done in Hungary? How does the market impact your business?

Due to our unique business model and the specific market segment we are serving, our projects primarily depend on the trends of the global market. The economic situation in Hungary has limited impact on our overall performance. One of the underlying reasons for that is that specific customer demands that are considered standard on the international scene – and that our company is set out to serve – have not yet evolved domestically.

What kind of translations do you do and what are the most common kinds of translations that your company handles? What languages, and what sort of documents do you usually deal with?

Language Experts Group offers complex multi-language documentation tasks and helps clients solve every problem related to documentation. This way, clients can entrust us with their document writing tasks, multi-language translation tasks, desktop-publishing, line drawing, printing, packaging and logistics services, among others.

Why should someone choose your company? What special advantages or unusual services can you off er?

Our company slogan gives the answer: “All About Translation, Terminology, Technology”. Language Experts Group takes over all documentation-related tasks listed above, so clients can freely concentrate on their business and products. We always adopt our workflow and quality assurance system to the specific documentation demands of our clients and provide reliable services, great communication and easy cooperation.

Here you can read the whole interview: BBJ Special Report_Translation

On 12th February the second Terminology Thursday was held at the Department of Hungarian Linguistics ate the Károli Gáspár University.

The aim of the event was to gather graduated and current students, those interested in studying terminology, teachers and representatives of companies to share ideas. There are two talks and a round table discussion.

We heard two presentations by company heads: they talked about the role of terminologists in the labour market. First, Zoltán Riesz (Morávia) presented various channels of social media and how these could be used to broaden a graduating terminologist’s experience with the labour market, and how professional networks can be developed with their help.  

Then, György Kovács (LEG Hungary) talked about the importance of accurate documentation, which is crucial in several areas be it technical documentation, product specification or marketing texts. Today, with the rate of technical development we experience, carefully and professionally written documentation is of key importance. Mr Kovács compared traditional document writing with single source documentation and mentioned several examples to illustrate how the latter is a more efficient way to manage any kind of document.

Next, a round table discussion followed, in which previously graduated students shared their work experience. The discussion was moderated by Orsolya Nádor (teacher at KRE), and the participants were Márk Klenk (OFFI Zrt.), Réka Kovács (MTA Nyelvtudományi Intézet) and Ilona Nagy (LEG Hungary). They talked about the competencies learned at the university that proved to be the most useful in their everyday work; gave suggestions as to what other areas could be involved in the training of terminologists; and also gave some advice to current students.