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On 11-13 November TEKOM welcomed about 4100 participants at TC World conference in Stuttgart. We were there.

Currently, tekom is the largest international event for technical communication. Our colleague Krisztián Sinkó participated at the Annual Meeting and attanded many interesting presentations and workshops. „Taking part in the DITA presentations was very interesting. New trends in technical writing, latest innovations were introduced, and I’m sure that we will use the knowledge gathered there in our everyday work. I was happy to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Hungarian technology provider, Kilgray.”


Presentation to download: http://conferences.tekom.de/tcworld14/for-participants/download-presentation-slides/

For more info visit: http://www.technical-communication.org/news/the-tcworld-conference-2014-in-stuttgart.html

Thank you for sharing this important time with us. Happy Birthday MemoQ!

Kilgray celebrated its 10th Birthday in the city of Budapest. Great people, good music and delicious food. And the certainty of being one of the two choices. Congratulations!

For party pictures visit MemoQ FB site here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.744200875635441.1073741837.158971110825090&type=1


LEG as a supporter of the Forum of BME and German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DUIHK)

Global sourcing has long been state of the art for international companies. Though, within the last year its significance has changed: The focus is no longer on the best price-product-ratio but on finding the best possible solution for international supply chains. This includes intelligent purchasing concepts as well as a high-quality collaboration with suppliers. The supplier has to be more than just a simple product deliverer - he is innovation and value-creation partner.

With this event the German Association Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME e.V.), the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce (DTIHK) and the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce (DUIHK) provided a unique platform to enable discussions between procurement professionals and suppliers at the highest level.

In addition to several workshops and presentations which focused, among other topics, on compliance, procurement professionals and suppliers got the opportunity to network and to discover new potentials during a supplier-buyer-matchmaking.

1st CEE Procurement &Supply Forum

Our colleague, dr. Eszter Papp participated at the conference organized by the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) for all stakeholders in the translation field

DG Translation organized a forum on 18-19 September, 2014 in Brussels to bring together all stakeholders in the translation field. Besides the relevant EU organizations and DGs, representatives of translation agencies, training institutions, language technology developers, national language and cultural institutes, and professional associations attended the event, and there were a few freelancers and students as well. Our terminologist took part in the event so we could get first-hand experience about the opinions and trends in the industry.

Translating Europe

Language and Science

October 10, 2014

We are offering you some interesting news from our partner site Language and Science

Some of you might know that Language Experts are the main supporter of the popular, Hungarian pop-science portal called Language and Science (in Hungarian: Nyelv és Tudomány). From now on you will be able to get a glimpse of the show and read some of the most interesting articles in English. Here is the first one: A quick look at the Chomsky film

Michel Gondry has completed an animated documentary film on Noam Chomsky, perhaps the best-known personality in modern linguistics,* who Gondry describes as “one of the greatest minds of all time.”

He is perhaps the best known personality in 20th century linguistics. He views human language as a mass of sentences, believes that our linguistic ability is innate and that the grammar in our heads is universal. His early research was focused on formal languages, albeit, by training he is a mathematician. More recently, his renown has been related more closely to his political and public activity than to his research. Who is he? Noam Chomsky! Subject of an animated documentary film made by Michel Gondry in 2013.

The film rests on the foundation of a series of interviews with Chomsky, a dialogue which Gondry illustrated. The full title of the film is: Is the man who is tall happy? An animated conversation with Noam Chomsky. The teaser makes it clear that subjects touched on include linguistics, cognitive science, and philosophy, along with public concerns....

Michel Gondry, the Oscar prize winning French director did the drawings alongside the interview text that illustrate Chomsky’s thoughts. The documentary has been officially accessible in Europe since the spring of 2014. It is recommended for everyone interested in what a truly great scientist and exciting thinker has to say about how the world runs.

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