We all know that translation conferences are great events for learning, sharing information, meeting new colleagues and partners and also for having fun. If you have been busy with projects in the first few months of this year and haven’t had the chance to plan ahead, this is a good opportunity to boost up your calendar with conferences and other language industry events you wish to attend in 2019.

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International Translation Day was first established by the International Federation of Translators. The date, September 30th was chosen, because it is also the feast day of St. Jerome, patron saint of translators, who was the first person to translate the Bible into Latin.
ITD is also a celebration. The celebration of every professional who help making the world a smaller place. One form of this celebration would be joining a translation-related event held near your residence or even online.

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tekom Magyarország held its first, translation-themed mini-conference on international translation day (30th of September). Our Technology Officer, Krisztián Sinkó introduced Language Experts Group's translation workflow and then Miklós Urbán (from Kilgray Translation Technologies) presented MemoQ. The aim of the event was to bring closer the creators and translators of technical documents.

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As announced earlier, LEG was a supporting sponsor of one of the most important translation events of the year: GALA 2015, Seville.

„It is unusual to have so many C level and director level attendees. This was the best industry conference that I have been to since entering the industry 8 years ago.”

This is how participants think. But what attracts CEOs and company leaders to visit a conference? Spreading information, knowledge, future trends? Good companies? Visibility?

Well, yes. All these. But what is even more important: confirmation.

Confirmation of the way we do our business.

Keywords were integration, complex services, client-orientation, and technology. In addition there were also: quality, specialization AND „be a supermarket”.

How does it look like in our case? LEG offers services to all documentation related tasks. Not only translation. We reliably deliver ready to print pdf-s or even printed documentations, create packaging and take care of logistics. Complex enough.

Client orientation? 10 years of co-operation with one of the biggest Japanese automotive companies talks for itself. We care.

As for the technology we at LEG are proud to be a very well-trained team. We steadily look for new solutions, work with Trados Server solution, and co-operate with Globalese in machine translation. No peak is reached, because you can always learn more. But we go for it.

All in one attending the conference was a great pleasure. We really enjoyed talking with industry leaders and all the discussions with the participants were more than useful. We had a great time during the free time activities. 

And what is the most important: we are assured we are on the right way.

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