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Documentation management in two or more languages? Language Experts have the solution!

Language Experts have proven their expertise for many major multinational clients. Language Experts are a good partner if your goal is long term cooperation:

  1. High quality translations at all times.
  2. Complex one-package solutions: from copy writing and translations to printing and packaging.
  3. Fair, transparent and calculable pricing.
  4. Flexibility anytime and on any subject: we will adjust to your workflow, not the other way around!

Translation, editing, proofreading

We work together with many reliable translators in all our fields. We have extensive experience in bilingual and multilingual translations of a huge range of technical documentation – ranging from automotive, IT, telecom and manufacturing, or any other field.

Our major fields include

- Technical texts
- Law
- Finance
- Economics
- Project bids and offers
- Marketing materials

Quality assurance

In order to provide the best possible quality we designed our own rigorous quality assurance protocol. Our goal is to meet the highest possible expectations, no matter what, which includes the most diverse translation and supplementary tasks. We will always provide our clients with the best quality possible.

Our experts examine all current work processes carefully and adjust our quality assurance system to any new demands. This is why we are so confident.

Contact us with the most complex problem you can imagine and we will manage your project to your highest satisfaction.