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Terminology management

A key to consistent and precise translation


Terminology is an essential component of translation. Language Experts own both the required expertise and the best software tools – therefore your professional texts will be in the right hands.

The process:

We start working on terminology as early as during preparing the text for translation. We identify new terms in the text, and select those that might raise questions or require specific solutions – we start working with these well before translation starts. During translation we collect problematic terms and expressions brought up by the translators and we provide solutions for them. When editing and proofreading the translated text one of the most important tasks is to check the consistent and precise use of terms: for this we use terminology databases and quality assurance software.


Terminology databases are basically client and document specific dictionaries. With our returning customers the size of a database can reach many thousands of items. These databases are always at hand for our translators while they work – and they do not even have to search in these as the software identifies all known terms and automatically offers the equivalents to the translators. The database serves the client best if – when a problematic term comes up – they help decide which equivalent is the most suitable for their purposes. We build a translation memory from all similar types of texts of our clients. We continuously check and maintain these – and we pay attention that they are updated according to the most recent changes in terminology.

Quality assurance software:

By using the most suitable software products we do not only ensure consistent term use but we can also modify all occurrences of a term in the translation memory if a change is required. This way we can even modify older texts quickly and consistently – which means we will only work with the desired version hereafter.

You cannot produce high quality technical translation without terminology knowledge and management software. These are an essential part of any translation project, so it is safe to say that terminology is a major part of quality assurance.