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Translation, editing, proofreading

We are proud of the wide range of language combinations we offer. Presently an average project at Language Experts involves translating the equivalent of a longer book into 17 different languages. Your projects will be handled by the best native-speaker professional translators, editors and professionals in the business. We mean what we say: you will never again have to worry about your documentation – and will be free to handle your other important tasks!

We start working on your text well before the translation phase to make sure that the outcome is perfect. A number of important tasks precede translation, such as checking for size, typos, clarity, etc. and making certain the translation database is ready to use. Once the document is considered ready for translation we move it to a carefully planned translation phase, where a number of quality assurance and monitoring processes make sure the translation is 100 percent reliable. We pay special attention to terminology and desktop publishing during the process. In order to guarantee that any problems which arise are ours and not yours, we work closely with a number of high tech printing and packaging firms – so all you need to do is to provide the content! 

12 steps:

We will give you exactly what you need. To make sure that our process-planning is optimum we stay up-to-date with the newest translation technologies and continuously improve our systems. This was our guiding principle when we initially began our 12-step translation workflow: it incorporates key milestones such as the pre-translation tasks (desktop publishing design, terminology and technology preparation), the translation component, the bilingual editing, the software-based quality assurance, the target language proofreading, the final check on outcome, the terminology and translation memory database maintenance and updates, and the post-translation tasks (printing, packaging materials preparation, etc.)

We work together with many reliable translators in all our fields. We have extensive experience in bilingual and multilingual translations of a huge range of technical documentation – ranging from automotive, IT, telecom and manufacturing, or any other field.

Our major fields include

  • Technical texts
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Economy
  • Bids and application
  • Marketing materials

Quality assurance

In order to provide the best possible quality we designed our own rigorous quality assurance protocol. Our goal is to meet the highest possible expectations, no matter what, which includes the most diverse translation and supplementary tasks. We will always provide our clients with the best quality possible.

Our experts examine all current work processes carefully and adjust our quality assurance system to any new demands. This is why we can be so confident.

Contact us with the most complex problem you can imagine and we will manage your project to your highest satisfaction.