Simple and effective

We have exactly what you need! We’ll design the workflows adapted and tailored to your specific needs.

Language Experts have developed a unique working model. Our goal was to create a transparent and easy workflow for our clients.

Our model is perfect for your organization:

  • You will save time, energy and money – simply because you get to make optimum use of your resources.
  • Your work will be completed effectively, quickly and precisely: our highly trained staff will guarantee the best quality in the market.
  • The number of errors, misleading inferences, and misunderstandings will hit an all-time low – and stay there.

Do not forget: good quality multilingual documentation is a must. Your products and services will only yield the income they deserve if your product documentation reflects your high standards. As documentation is an essential component of high quality, it is only logical to create these with due attention. If you entrust our professionals with these tasks you guarantee that your documentation will be just as high-standard and professional as your own products or services!

With our unique model, Language Experts can integrate seamlessly into your company workflows. This way we can tackle your document management tasks without interfering with your work, leaving you free to concentrate on what really matters: developing and marketing your products and services.

Simple and professional

Language Experts are a group of well-known and highly professional project managers, translators, interpreters and engineers. We are much more than theoretical experts: we have worked on numerous successful projects and repeatedly proven our expertise.

You will be in touch with your own dedicated contact person: she or he will have an overview of all the processes from the beginning to the end – no matter what the task or the language.

We will not waste your valuable time. You will not have to participate in lengthy meetings and negotiate with numerous subcontractors: Language Experts will take care of all of that.

Language Experts quality assurance does not mean doing a one-time check just before delivery! Our quality assurance system guarantees the highest quality because we run our checks throughout the process from start to finish – whatever the job is, from translation and printing to preparing packaging materials, or even video and audio studio editing: our quality control is ticking for you!

Thanks to our top of the line client management system and effective workflows, we have significantly shortened our delivery times – and can offer you highly competitive pricing as well.

Thinking of everything

Language Experts provide a full range of services to their clients. We will come up with everything our clients need to make their work easier: the creation of multilingual documents will never be a lengthy and complicated process again.

Here are some of the tasks we will tackle on your behalf:

  • Complete multi-language translations of technical documentation,
  • Complete translations of financial documents,
  • Complete localization of web portals and websites,
  • Complete software localization,
  • Complete graphic design, desktop publishing,
  • Complete software testing,
  • Complete language editing and proofreading,
  • Complete printing projects,
  • Complete package designs and manufacturing,
  • Complete video and audio studio projects including post-editing, subtitling and dubbing.
  • Complete design and manufacture of any desired data carrier (DVDs, promotional flash drives, etc.)

Cutting edge solutions

The unique and modern language technology systems we have adopted and developed plus our unique model of operation mean one thing: our work will be extremely effective – as it is supported by transparent, unified and controlled processes.

Our experts can work on a project from any location in the world, at any given time and – if necessary – simultaneously.

Our terminology management module is responsible for the consistent use of your desired terminology. No matter how many translators will join your project in the future, the terms of your choice will stay the same. Our terminology experts will initially check and discuss these word lists with you – so together we will find the most suitable expressions for your specific purposes. The knowledge we have garnered over the years and the impressive vocabulary of specialized professional terminology we have in our database are at your service. All you have to do is choose the wording you like best and we will back you up with our entire linguistic arsenal.

Translation support systems will make sure that any text we have ever translated and approved for you is stored and automatically used whenever the same (or even similar) texts appear in your new projects. The end result is that you will save time and money – and keep the consistent, high quality texts you and your products deserve.

Naturally, the translators we assign to your projects will always have the option of altering older translations if you require that for any reason. Our central system will record any changes which will become instantly available. This way all our experts and professionals working on a project will have immediate access to even the most recent materials.