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Machine translation

In addition to the translation software we use to support our live translators, we also employ machine translation technology. We use our own client-specific machine translation engine to prepare the portions of texts that are not in the sentence-memory of the software. We then turn over the texts pre-translated in this way to our own live translators and editors for finalization. When working on multiple language projects we use Globalese®machine translation services and its system, currently on a trial basis.

'Globalese® is a particularly potent tool for translating product descriptions, instructions, and programming platforms. It was designed for translation bureaus and businesses that need to translate large quantities of text into multiple languages and have very little time to do it. The true advantage to the system is that the machine translation fits smoothly into day-to-day translation operations. It can be worked into any translation-support software (memoQ, SDL Trados, etc.) by merely pushing a button.'

Gábor Bessenyei, executive manager of the developer firm, MorphoLogic Localization Ltd.