What type of projects do we use Machine Translation for? And why it is good for the customer?

Németh Nikolett
2017. máj. 16.

(This post is written  by Ilona Nagy, our Project Manager)

Even if you are not a translation expert, you still might be familiar with the term machine translation. We at Language Experts Group employ machine translation in specific projects. Machine translation might sound like the devil's work, but with this post we will explain how this type of translation can be beneficial for you as a translation costumer. 


So what is MT? (short for machine translation)

This term relates to translation without human involvement: MT systems can be "trained" with different translation memories, glossaries, corpuses and terminology databases to increase the quality of their work.

In order to improve the efficiency of the translation workflow - especially for huge projects – we use Globalese, a statistical machine translation program developed by MorphoLogic Localisation.

This is more than a simple Translation Memory, as it does not only show the matches that already exist, but also creates good quality new translation units (depending on the size and the quality of the corpus). The volume and quality of the corpuses are equally important: it is not enough to have one huge corpus, it is also essential that relevant and top-quality data is used.

We implemented this tool in our project method. The steps are the following:

• files which have been pre-translated in our CAT tool and are under a certain quality category (<75%) will be uploaded to Globalese (Globalese is only applied if the match is not better than the value set)
• during the MT process, Globalese generates new translation units in a statistical way, using the previously trained and updated engines
• MT can also be used to analyse and evaluate the translated files

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Some of the main advantages of using MT are:

• you can produce a high-quality, always updated and extended machine translation engine
• you have the chance to shape your engines and make them project-specific (according to your and your client's expectations)
• you can translate large volumes of files within a short turnaround time
• prices are well-controlled: you can take advantage of the pricing opportunities by using MT

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There are a few more important facts which need to be mentioned:

Although MT works without human involvement, human interaction is also required at the end of the MT process.

To make the whole process as clear as possible, here you can find the main points of a MT translation project:
• file preparation and pre-translation
• MT process (in the light of the above)
• translation, editing, proofreading

It is highly important to note that industry specific machine translation is far away from online engines like Google translate or Bing. Our engines are client and topic specific, specially trained and ONLY used for the relevant customer with relevant content. Benefit firstly comes to clients with translation demands of large volume of repetitive, highly structured and frequently updated texts.