10 upcoming European language industry events to wait for in 2019

Németh Nikolett
2019. március 28.

We all know that translation conferences are great events for learning, sharing information, meeting new colleagues and partners and also for having fun. If you have been busy with projects in the first few months of this year and haven’t had the chance to plan ahead, this is a good opportunity to boost up your calendar with conferences and other language industry events you wish to attend in 2019.

This is a list of events that are going to take place in Europe. They are all confirmed and listed by date. By clicking on the links you can further check out these events' themes, programs and speakers. Stay tuned for a list of non-European events.



When: 25-26 April, 2019

Where: Radisson Blu Sky Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia

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Description: „Turbo-charging your business and serving clients better.”
The event is aimed at language industry decision-makers who are seeking to maximise their key assets, remodel their businesses and deploy the best strategies and technologies to break into new markets while ensuring their company’s image matches its extended offer.

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190401 Cover 260 attendees

When: 2-3 May, 2019

Where: ZANHotel Europa, Bologna, Italy

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Description: BP Translation Conferences are the largest independently organized events for translators in Europe. They are not affiliated with any national or international organization or association, nor with any CAT tool provider.

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(Photo taken at the previous ND Focus conference. Credit: Elia Facebook page)

When: 9-10 May, 2019

Where: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Budrovnik, Croatia

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Description: The 4th edition of ND Focus – Elia’s networking days for Executives brings industry leaders together in a relaxed atmosphere to enable sharing of knowledge, peer-to-peer networking and the opportunity to openly discuss business challenges in a dedicated forum, with expert moderators leading the discussion.

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When: 11-13 June, 2019

Where: Estoril Congress Center, Estoril, Portugal

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Description: LocWorld is the leading conference for international business, translation, localization and global website management. Attendees are the people responsible for communicating across the boundaries of language and culture in the global marketplace. With a specific emphasis on global business, the conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of high-value information in the language and translation services and technologies market.

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When: 9-10 July, 2019

Where: University of Rzeszów, Rzeszów, Poland

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Description: With our theme of Translation and Power we wish to draw attention to the influence exerted by authorities and powerful institutions on the translation process, as well as the ways in which translators managed to resist that influence and use translation to introduce new ideas and modes of expression across languages and societies.

The main aim of the conference is to provide a platform for discussion on the broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the concept of translation and power. We invite specialists in the areas of literature, linguistics, translation studies, as well as cultural studies to participate in the event. We are open to a wide range of approaches and would welcome researchers specializing in various types of discourse – from literary, historical, social and political discourse, to specialist, professional, audiovisual and other.

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DCU lower page tech

When: 19-23 August, 2019

Where: THE HELIX, DCU, Dublin, Ireland

Costs are yet to come

Description: There is little doubt that the quality of MT systems has improved significantly in recent years. In line with general overhyping of AI, we have seen some extraordinary claims about the capability of MT, so much so that translators have had cause to worry about the impact of this improved technology on their profession.

In response, and as a clear attempt to bring translators and system developers closer together, the 2019 MT Summit will also feature a Translators track, where we get to hear what the issues of the day are for perhaps the largest set of users of the technology. As well as the three main tracks, the conference will also feature invited talks, panel discussions, a technology showcase, tutorials and workshops, presentation of the 2019 EAMT Best Thesis Award, and presentation of the IAMT 2019 Award of Honour.

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Dublin is ready! video


When: 10-11 October, 2019

Where: venue will be announced later

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Description: Meet Central Europe is the industry’s first international event organised by four national translation associations active in the Central and Eastern European region. The event addresses the unique challenges facing buyers, sellers and translators of the more than ten languages in use in Central and Eastern Europe. MCE is an opportunity to promote your company directly to an audience of key decision-makers and potential collaborators. In a global language market worth nearly €35 billion, the combine size of the markets in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia is estimated to be between €350m and €400m. Studies have shown that it is tooling up to take advantage of technology innovations that allow processes to be streamlined to counter price pressures, while shoring up and increasing profits.
This is why the organisers behind of Meet Central Europe, the national associations of the four participating countries, have come together to shine a spotlight on this expanding marketplace and the opportunities it offers.
It is the crucible of some of the world’s leading technology and language service companies. In other words, the Meet Central Europe conference is an environment where companies with products and services to sell need to have a presence to take advantage a dynamically changing marketplace.

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(Photo taken at an earlier Language Show seminar. Credit: Language Show Facebook page)

When: 15-17 November, 2019

Where: Olympia London, London, UK

Costs: book your FREE ticket here

Description: Whether you’re learning a language, teaching languages, using languages professionally or simply love language, you’ll find resources, help and advice; ways to learn, ways to teach, inspiration and entertainment.

Three days packed with loads of exhibitors, educational seminars, language taster classes and cultural performances…all free to attend.

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When: 22-24, November, 2019

Where: World Conference Center, Bonn, Germany

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Description: This conference will place the focus on how the digital revolution is altering the work of translators and interpreters, cooperation with customers, and the provision and procurement of language services, and thus puts many business models of free-lance translators and interpreters, language service providers, and in-house translating services to the test.

At the accompanying trade fair, the visitors will be able to inform themselves about systems for machine translation, translation-memory systems (CAT), tools for information management, the latest reference works, and services for translators and interpreters.

In a networking point and job fair, interested persons will be able to introduce themselves to well-known firms and institutions, and make direct contacts with potential employers or clients, as well as with colleagues with the same or complementary specializations.

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Photo credit: Expolingua Facebook page

When: November 22-23

Where: RHWK Friedrichstrasse 176–179, Berlin, Germany

Costs: Free tickets for the 32nd EXPOLINGUA on November 22nd and 23rd 2019 will be available from July 2019 onwards.

  • Description: EXPOLINGUA Berlin is the must-attend annual event for anyone with an interest in learning and teaching foreign languages, international travel and global cultures.
  • 150+ exhibitors from 30+ countries, including language schools and travel operators
  • Extensive seminar programme and language taster classes
  • Inspiring array of cultural performances and activities
  • Competitions and prize draws
  • And much more...

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Did you find anything to mark your calendar with? Stay tuned for a list of non-European conferences to wait for in 2019!