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2019. máj. 20.

Do you ever find yourself spending too much time on Facebook? Who doesn’t, right? Social media may feel like a blessing, but it easily becomes a huge burden – especially when one has a deadline coming up and productivity seems to go out the window by occasionally checking back to absentmindedly scroll through people’s life updates*. But Facebook is not all life updates and birthday party invitations, there are also serious professional content sources to be found there. If you are a tranlator in need of advice, inspiration or just like-minded company, be sure to check out the following content sources.

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Words withour borders 

Founded in 2003, Words Without Borders expands cultural understanding through the translation, publication, and promotion of the finest contemporary international literature. Their publications and programs open doors for readers of English around the world to the multiplicity of viewpoints, richness of experience, and literary perspective on world events offered by writers in other languages. They seek to connect international writers to the general public, to students and educators, and to the media and to serve as a primary online location for a global literary conversation.

 Recently they posted excerpts from novelist Marta Rojals's nonfiction work: We Could Have Studied Less, the portait of a generation—hers—that, after years of making a living in positions related to their degrees, has been forced to accept precarious jobs.

Also you might find interesting this post about the finalists of the Best Translated Books Awards.

Translators without borders

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TWB translates more than ten million words per year for non-profit organizations by working with thousands of volunteer translators worldwide. Their work focuses on crisis response, development, capacity building, and advocacy. By specializing in language solutions, they provide meaningful and critical support that allows the core work of a wide range of non-profit and aid organizations to be more impactful and to better serve communities.

Recent post: Are they listening? The challenges and opportunities of multilingual communication in Borno State

 International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters 

The International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI) has been created by a group of professional language mediators as a vehicle for promoting ethical practices in their profession, as a venue in which to establish a dialog, without censorship and without conflicts of interest, with the aim of promoting effective professional ethics.

A recent post on their Facebook page is an article from Vulture titled Will translated fiction ever really break through?

Marketing tips for translators 

This page is hosted by Tess Whitty. She has been an English-Swedish freelance translator for the past 15 years. With her degree in International Marketing and background as marketing manager, she enjoys sharing her marketing knowledge and experience with other freelance translators as an award winning speaker, trainer, consultant, author and podcaster.

Tess recently posted a podcast about Finding and marketing to translation agencies - Interview with Corinne McKay

While the content on the podcast and blog is all free, there are also a number of paid products and services Tess provides: she has books, products and courses too.


translators and interpreters (ProZ.com) 

ProZ.com is the world's largest community and networking site for freelance translators and interpreters. It provides tools and opportunities for translators to network, expand their businesses, achieve their objectives and fulfil their potential. This group is provided as a professional resource for those who work with language or who offer language services.

One of the recent posts is one where members are asked to contribute to the KudoZ network with translations or explanations of terms. 

Mentoring for translators

This group is about getting answers, help and support to enter the translation market and grow your translation business and have more success with it. They focus on supporting each other and sharing relevant information, related to business mentoring and personal branding.

Translation events everywhere

Spreadsheet with information about translation events around the world. 

Also you can engage in conversation about the events posted by other members.

 And now, Facebook also has some fun and silly content for the tired translator and/or linguist 

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Translators do it better 

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The Best Linguistics 

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Steve the vagabond and silly linguist

Stay tuned for Great content sources for translators on LinkedIn!


*  FYI: There is a fun productivity hack that fights for your productivity, it is called Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook.