2018. február 27., kedd 13:10

Introducing our new team members

We are excited to introduce the newest members to our team. They have joined us a few months ago, and by now they have become an integral part of Language Experts Group. We feel very lucky to be working with these four experts as they bring their interestingly varied experiences and talents to our group. Please join me in welcoming the girls: Récsi, Kinga, Niki and Yoko!

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2016. december 02., péntek 12:42

Új kollégák a csapatban

Örömmel osztjuk meg, hogy ismét új kollégák csatlakoztak hozzánk! Személyesen mesélnek magukról rövid bemutatkozószövegeikben, melyekből megtudhatjuk, hogy honnan jöttek, mit szeretnek és mivel foglalkoznak a Language Experts Groupnál. 

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A special message to our readers!

We are starting up a series of interviews to help introduce our team at Language Experts Group. We are all different of course, and that's exactly why – we hope – the series will make for good and exciting reading. Our first candidate is Zsuzsanna Hahn Juhász, who has been a staff member since 2009. She had tales to tell on vendor management, contemporary Czech literature, and on literary translations.

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2016. máj. 19., csütörtök 14:06

New website for our Japanese partners

A dream has come true in the beginning of this year; we opened our branch office in Tokyo.

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2016. március 24., csütörtök 09:21

Language Experts Group Q&A

If you are interested in ordering a translation project you surely have a number of questions about the services we offer. We would like to help you with answering a few frequently asked questions we get.

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