Machine Translation

What is Machine Translation (MT)?

Machine Translation (MT) is a translation service when computer software translates text from one language to another without human involvement. It is ideal for clients who require very quick, low-cost translations for information and internal purposes. The quality of Machine Translation output can vary considerably, because Machine Translation systems require “training” in the desired domain and language pair to increase quality.

What are the benefits?
Saves time and money

Machine translation can save significant time as it is capable of translating entire text documents in seconds. It also reduces your translation costs as it requires less human involvement.

Built for large amounts

Machine Translation tools are often used to translate vast amounts of information involving millions of words that could not possibly be translated in the traditional way.

When should you consider using a machine translation service?

Machine Translation is recommended for basically all types of content that is not intended to be published. For example: user generated content (e.g., reviews), comments, e-mails, letters, knowledge base, etc.

Post-editing for machine translated texts

Post-editing follows the machine translation process. Human translators edit the machine translated text for accuracy, clarity, flow and local resonance to improve its quality. Please bear in mind that if your content is intended to be published offline or online, we recommend a human translation service.

More questions?

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