Terminology Management

The importance of terminology work

Quality translation is based on reliable terminology. You cannot produce high quality translation without terminology knowledge and management. These are an essential part of any translation project, so it is safe to say that terminology work plays a major role in quality assurance.

In the scope of terminology work we gather the terms used in a specialized field in one or more languages, select terms or coin new ones, and compile them in a terminology collection that can then be recorded in terminology databases for future use. We make sure that the terminology is based on national and international terminology standards, known dictionaries or accepted glossaries.

What is a termbase (terminology database or TB)?

Industries, brands and companies have their own language. You surely put a lot of consideration into deciding whether you call your team members experts or specialists and it makes a difference how, for example, the name of a particular device is translated into French in your technical manuals. The proper use of terms is important in all forms of your communication and a termbase is the right tool to achieve it.

A termbase is a database containing terminology and related information. Most termbases are multilingual and contain terminology data in a range of different languages.

Benefits of using a termbase in the translation process
Coherent, accurate text and increased reader-satisfaction
Better quality in less time
Cost savings:
  • less post-repair
  • in some areas, a misunderstanding may have serious legal, health and financial consequences
  • inconsistency in term usage increases the cost and the time spent on translation
Who creates the termbase?

Companies sometimes have their own glossaries or termbases. Our terminologists can take yours and build a brand or field-specific, expandable terminology database for you.

Another, more common reason to create a termbase is when ordering a large volume of translation or entering into a longer-term collaboration with a translation provider. In this case, our terminologists create your termbase and after you have verified the terms, the translation process begins.

We store your terminology in an online database for all steps of the translation process.

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