Translation Style and Terminology

When translating an OM the text should be simple and understandable as the manual is read by owners.


  • Use direct speech (polite form) instead of the infinitive when addressing the reader.
  • Please remember that segments will be reused from the memory, so do not add any information that is not in the source segment.
  • Please keep source formatting (paragraph or text styles, fonts, indents, FULL CAPS, etc.) unless otherwise specified in this Style Guide.



Set hitlist in the Term recognition window:

LEG - Language Experts Group

Choose “Load” to import Multi Term Hitlist Settings file (You can download it here).


  • If there are inconsistencies between the translation memory and the terminology database, terms from the MultiTerm should be used during translation.
  • If you come across a new term that should be included in the terminology database, please enter it into the MultiTerm and inform the project manager (PM).
  • If you have a question about motorcycle terminology, please discuss it with the project manager.