• Most full caps acronyms should not be translated, e.g. SAE, API, JASO SH, SJ, SL.


  • There are however a few rare exceptions to this rule, e.g. EU, EC.


  • Pay attention to the gender of acronyms, especially when the gender of an adjective needs to be adapted to it.


*Traditional CHINESE:


    • Regardless of English format of acronyms, Traditional Chinese translation should follow the format of“Traditional Chinese (English acronym)” for the first occurrence of the acronym.
    • If the acronym is new and full spelling is available, it is suggested to use 

      “Traditional Chinese (English full spelling, English acronym)”. 

      E.g. 檔案傳輸通訊協定 (File Transfer ProtocolFTP) or 檔案傳輸通訊協定 (FTP). 

      [FTP (檔案傳輸通訊協定) is WRONG!

    •  Some commonly unlocalized acronyms: CD, DVD, GB etc.


  • “R”, “I”, “C” and “T” in the periodic maintenance schedule tables in INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE chapter should be localized. Except for Arabic (as using abbrevations is not common in the Arabic language).The meaning of letters is defined under the table.