Chinese – Traditional (Further language specific rules)

1. There are no spaces between words.

2. There is no mark (hypen) for line breaking (in case of word wrap)

3. Please keep en dash (–) as same as English.


4. In case of symbols, please use the primary quotation marks. 「」


5. Traditional Chinese distinguish half- and full-width spaces


  • No space needed around Chinese full-width punctuation marks and Chinese charachters.E.g. 遠端 ADO 錯誤: BOF 或 EOF 為 True,或是使用中記錄已被刪除; 您請求的操作需要有使用中的記錄。

    Full-width punctuation marks: 。,、,,,;,:,「」,『』,《》,<>,!,?

  • Half-width space needed between Chinese characters and English letters or numbers and Chinese characters and half-width punctuations: ( ), [ ]E.g. 序列化程式無法處理不明的 xsi:type 資訊。若使用協力廠商 (非防火牆或 Windows