Labels appearing on equipment or display

Regardless of the layout of the source text,

  • Expressions appearing on the vehicle or any other product need to be kept in English.They should not be translated, they remain in English and translation in brackets is needed after them in every instance.
    For example:

English: Some engine oils which have an API classification of SH or higher have an “ENERGY CONSERVING” indication in the API classification doughnut mark.


Deutsch: Gewisse Motoröle mit einer API-Klassifizierung von SH oder höher tragen die Markierung “ENERGY CONSERVING” (energiesparend) im API-Klassifizierungssymbol.


  • If button names are not written out on the pictures or the motorcycle’s display, but instead are symbolized by icons on the vehicle, they need to be translated, even if they are written in quotation marks in the source text.


For example:

for “SELECT” switch, the English words in quotation marks are not needed, as they are not written on the vehicle.
We need only the translation and omitting theb quotation marks* (if any).

English: “SELECT” switch (Up)

Deutsch: WAHLSCHALTER (Aufwärts)