Russian (Localization of numbers and measurement units)

Localize numbers and measurement units according to the unit list below. Imperial units should NOT be deleted.

*Secondary quotation marks are used for example when a phrase in quotation marks contains another phrase in quotation marks.

Always put a space between the translation of “No.” (French: N°; German: Nr. etc.) and the ensuing number.

Description English Russian
decimal 8.5 8,5
thousand separator 1250 1300
ten thousand separator 24000 12 000
minus mark –40 –40
quotation marks – primary “” «»
quotation marks – secondary* “”
space between number and % 5% 5%
space between number and any kind of unit 12A 12 А
space between number and any kind of unit as adjective
(as in “12-volt battery”)
12-volt 12-вольтовый
spacing – minute (angle) 20’ 20’
spacing – degree (angle) 25° 25°
space before and after dash (–) 0.7 – 0.8 mm 0,7–0,8 мм
space before and after the slash (/) mark 12000 km/6000 km 12 000 км / 6000 км
Celsius °C °C
Fahrenheit °F °F
ampere A A
bar bar бар
cubic centimeter cm3, cc см3
centimeter cm см
cubic inch 1 куб. дюйм,
2–4 куб. дюйма,
5–20 куб. дюймов**
foot ft (foot, feet) 1 фут,
2–4 фута,
5–20 футов**
grams of CO2 per km g/km г/км
imperial gallon Imp gal галлон
imperial ounces Imp oz унция
imperial pint Imp pt пинта
imperial quart Imp qt кварта
inch in (inch, inches) 1 дюйм,
2–4 дюйма,
5–20 дюймов**
kilogram kg кг
kilogram(-force) per square centimeter kg/cm2, kgf/cm2 кгс/см2
kilogram(-force) meter kg-m, kgf-m кгс·м
kiloherz kHz кГц
kilometer km км
kilometer per hour km/h км/ч
kilopascal kPa кПа
regarding to engine displacement L л
liter l (liter, liters) 1 литр,
2–4 литра,
5–20 литров**
pound lb, lbs 1 фунт,
2–4 фунта,
5–20 фунтов**
pound(-force)-foot lb-ft, lbf-ft фунт-сила-фут
meter m м
mile mile (miles) 1 миля,
2–4 мили,
5–20 миль
milliliter ml мл
millimeter mm мм
miles per gallon MPG миль/галлон
imperial miles per gallon MPG IMP миль/галлон брит.
US miles per gallon MPG US миль/галлон США
miles per hour mph, miles/h 1 миля/ч,
2–4 мили/ч,
5–20 миль/ч**
newton N Н
newton meter N·m, Nm Н·м
pounds per square inch psi 1 фунт/кв. дюйм,
2–4 фунта/кв. дюйм,
5–20 фунтов/кв. дюйм**
revolutions per minute rpm, r/min об/мин
volt V В
watt W Вт

** in case of fractions, please use Genitive Singular (like in case of 2–4)