Vietnamese (Localization of numbers and measurement units)

Localize numbers and measurement units according to the unit list below. Imperial units should NOT be deleted.

*Secondary quotation marks are used for example when a phrase in quotation marks contains another phrase in quotation marks.


Always put a space between the translation of “No.” (French: N°; German: Nr. etc.) and the ensuing number.


The hyphen is used to divide words between syllables, to link parts of a compound word, and to connect the parts of an inverted or imperative verb form.


Description English Vietnamese
decimal 8.5 8,5
thousand separator 1250 1.300
ten thousand separator 24000 12.000
minus mark –40 –40
quotation marks – primary “” “”
quotation marks – secondary*
space between number and % 5% 5%
space between number and any kind of unit 12A 12 A
space between number and any kind of unit as adjective (as in “12-volt battery”) 12-volt 12V
spacing – minute (angle) 20’ 20’
spacing – degree (angle) 25° 25°
space before and after dash (–) 2.0 – 4.0 mm 2,0 – 4,0 mm
space before and after the slash (/) mark 12000 km/6000 km 12.000 km/6.000 km
Celsius °C °C
Fahrenheit °F °F
ampere A A
bar bar bar
cubic centimeter cm3, cc cm3
centimeter cm cm
cubic inch in-xơ khối
foot ft (foot, feet) phút Anh
grams of CO2 per km g/km g/km
imperial gallon Imp gal ga-lông
imperial ounces Imp oz ao-xơ
imperial pint Imp pt panh Anh
imperial quart Imp qt phần tư ga-lông
inch in (inch, inches) in-xơ
kilogram kg kg
kilogram(-force) per square centimeter kg/cm2, kgf/cm2 kgf/cm2
kilogram(-force) meter kg-m, kgf-m kgf-m
kiloherz kHz kHz
kilometer km km
kilometer per hour km/h km/h
kilopascal kPa kPa
regarding to engine displacement L L
liter l (liter, liters) l (lít)
pound lb, lbs pao
pound(-force)-foot lb-ft, lbf-ft pao-phút
meter m m
mile mile (miles) dặm Anh
milliliter ml ml
millimeter mm mm
miles per gallon MPG dặm/ga-lông
imperial miles per gallon MPG IMP dặm Anh/ga-lông
US miles per gallon MPG US dặm Mỹ/ga-lông
miles per hour mph, miles/h dặm/giờ
newton N N
newton meter N·m, Nm N·m
pounds per square inch psi pao/in-xơ vuông
revolutions per minute rpm, r/min vòng/phút
volt V V
watt W W