Labels appearing on equipment or display

Regardless of the layout of the source text,


  • Expressions appearing on the vehicle should be put in quotation marks in the target language version.For example:

English: Press the FAR/NEAR setting switch to change the frontal collision warning timing to NEAR (3).

Deutsch: Drücken Sie den „FAR/NEAR“-Einstellungsschalter, um den Zeitgeber der Kollisionswarnung auf „NEAR“ (3) zu ändern.


  • If button names are not written out on the pictures or in the car, but instead are symbolized by icons on the vehicle, they need to be translated, even if they are written in quotation marks in the source text.For example: for the positions of the ventilation system (e.g. FRESH AIR), the English words in capital letters are not needed, as they are not written on the vehicle. We need only the translation, keeping the capital letters and omitting the quotation marks* (if any).

English: Select “VENTILATION” and “FRESH AIR”, the temperature selector to the desired temperature position, and the blower speed selector to off position.

Deutsch: Wählen Sie BELÜFTUNG und FRISCHLUFT, stellen Sie den Temperaturregler auf die gewünschte Temperatur und den Gebläseregler auf Stufe aus.

We need only the translation, and the names of the positions should be highlighted in the text using the secondary quotation marks («»).