Multi-language information display

More sophisticated models (e.g. SX4, S‑Cross, Grand Vitara) have an information display.


Drivers can select the language of texts appearing on the display, the choices are: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian.

In these target languages the target language text is programmed into the vehicle, when making a reference to the message, precisely that text should be incorporated in the translation in quotation marks, keeping the verbatim wording, abbreviations etc. The screenshots showing these messages are integral part of the OM, they need to be checked (in the PDF) for the proper language, consistency with places where they are referred to, and consistency with their explanations.

In case of doubts, the PM has the details of actual target texts programmed into the specific model at hand. (See sample below.)

LEG - Language Experts Group

For every other target language version the manual will feature the English text.

English language screenshots are incorporated into the PDF, and within the text there should be English language texts in quotation marks. The explanation of these English expressions is found at the beginning of the manual, in the Legend.