Brand names

Suzuki material and product names such as “SUZUKI GEAR OIL 75W‑80”, “SUZUKI LLC: Super” and “SUZUKI LLC: Standard” should be treated as proper nouns and therefore not be translated (Super and Standard are also part of the brand name*).

For example:

English: If you use the engine coolant other than the SUZUKI LLC: Super (Blue) for replacement, follow the schedule of SUZUKI LLC: Standard (Green).

Deutsch: Wenn Sie zum Austausch ein anderes Motorkühlmittel als „SUZUKI LLC: Super“ (Blau) verwenden, halten Sie sich an den Plan für „SUZUKI LLC: Standard“ (Grün).

LEG - Language Experts Group

Other product and brand names such as iPhone, iPod, Windows Media™, Bluetooth® etc. should also be treated as proper names and therefore not be translated.