Chinese (Localization of numbers and measurement units)

Localize numbers and measurement units according to the unit list below. Imperial units should  be DELETED.

*Secondary quotation marks are used for example when a phrase in quotation marks contains another phrase in quotation marks, e.g.: “»ACC«IGNITION SWITCH POSITION”.

**This depends on whether the slash separates 2 individual words (e.g. on/off – no space) or 2 expressions (e.g. button ON / button OFF – space before and after the slash).

Always put a space between the translation of “No.” (French: N°; German: Nr. etc.) and the ensuing number.


Description English Chinese
decimal 8.5 8.5
thousand separator 1300 1300
ten thousand separator 12000 12000
minus mark –40 –40
quotation marks – primary “” “”
quotation marks – secondary* ‘ ’
space before and after – 0.7 – 0.8 mm 0.7 – 0.8 毫米
space before and after the / mark 12000 km/6000 km 12000 千米/6000 千米
space between number and % 5% 5%
space between number and °C –40°C –40°C
space between number and A 12A 12 安
space between number and V 12V 12 伏
space between number and W 12W 12 瓦
minute (angle)
degree (angle) ° °
as in 12-volt battery 12-volt  12-伏
ampere 安培
cc 立方厘米
cm 厘米
cm3 立方厘米
g/km 克/千米
kg 千克
kg/cm2 千克 / 平方厘米
kgf-m 克/千米
kg-m 千克-米
kHz 千赫兹
km 千米
km/h 千米 / 时
kPa 千帕
mA 毫安
ml 毫升
mm 毫米
N·m 牛顿·米
Nm 牛米
r/min, rpm 转 / 分钟