Russian (Localization of numbers and measurement units)

Localize numbers and measurement units according to the unit list below.

Using of IMPERIAL UNITS depends on the model and the quantity of the translation.

♥ In case of modifications (eg. YJA – Ignis , YR7 – Grand Vitara) imperial units should be deleted.

In case of new models (translation from scratch, eg. YSB) imperial units should be added.



*Secondary quotation marks are used for example when a phrase in quotation marks contains another phrase in quotation marks, e.g.: “»ACC«IGNITION SWITCH POSITION”.

**This depends on whether the slash separates 2 individual words (e.g. on/off – no space) or 2 expressions (e.g. button ON / button OFF – space before and after the slash).

*** in case of fractions, please use Genitive Singular (like in case of 2–4)

Always put a space between the translation of “No.” (French: N°; German: Nr. etc.) and the ensuing number.



Description English Russian
decimal 8.5 8,5
thousand separator 1300 1300
ten thousand separator 12000 12 000
minus mark –40 –40
quotation marks – primary “” “”
quotation marks – secondary* « »
space before and after – 0.7 – 0.8 mm 0,7–0,8 мм
space before and after the / mark** 12000 km/6000 km 12 000 км/6000 км
space between number and % 5% 5 %
space between number and °C –40°C –40 °C
space between number and A 12A 12 A
space between number and V 12V 12 В
space between number and W 12W 12 Вт
minute (angle)
degree (angle) ° °
°F °F
as in 12-volt battery 12-volt 12-вольтовый
ampere ампер
bar бар
cc cc
cm см
cm3 см3 (cu. inches) куб. дюйм (куб. дюймов)
ft, foot (feet) фт (футов)
g/km г/км
Imp gal имп. галлон
Imp oz
Imp pt имп. пинта
Imp qt
in., inch (inches) дюйм (дюймов)
kg кг
kg/cm2 кг/см2
kgf-m кгс·м
kg-m кг/м
kHz кГц
km км
km/h км/ч
kPa кПа
l л
lbf-ft фнт/фт
lb-ft фнт/фт
lbs фнт
m м
mA мА
mile (miles) 1 миля / 1,5–4 мили /
> 5 миль
ml мл
mm мм
MPG, mile(s) per gallon миля/галлон (миль/галлон)
mph 1 миля/ч, 2–4 мили/ч,
5–20 миль/ч***
N·m Н·м
Nm Н·м
psi фнт/кв. Дюйм
r/min, rpm об/мин
volt вольт
watt ватт