Section titles

  • When a reference is made in the text to the main section titles (included in the Table of contents at the beginning of the OM), they must be written with UPPER CASE LETTERS, WITHOUT QUOTATION MARKS*.
  • If a reference is made to subsection titles (that have page numbers such 2‑13; 5‑46), they must be written with lower case, in quotation marks.

This is regardless of how they are written in the source text.

For example:

English: For details of draining water, refer to “Fuel Filter” in the “INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE” section.

Deutsch: Nähere Informationen zum Ablassen von Wasser siehe „Kraftstofffilter“ im Abschnitt WARTUNG UND INSTANDHALTUNG.


*ARABIC and every other languages which do not distinguish lower and upper cases: When a reference is made in the text with upper case to any section title, it must be translated in primary quotation marks.